German navigation software Enterprise are receiving the praise of the market

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Avoid only by loading the commercial map sites to achieve real-time traffic function to prevent storm drain their own customer data risk situation.

The industry came out,Guest Posting the high German navigation Enterprise Edition has completed a comprehensive upgrade to the new version in April will launch a new, this update will add speech input, web search groundbreaking. Currently, the high German navigation Enterprise Edition has an absolute advantage in the enterprise-level navigation market, the research was mainly to explore the High German navigation Enterprise Edition Is rely on a high share in the market.

Discovery: the secret weapon of the high German navigation Enterprise Edition – not only data, but also to integrate into the enterprise and industry data

Navigation enterprise applications market, who can make their own data and business model to better integrate into the system of navigation software, who will be a better market share. According to the survey the navigation GALSWORTHY Enterprise Edition in the field of tobacco, electricity, logistics and other industries occupy a large market share. These sectors regardless of which itself has a mass of its own business data to meet their needs, we must work hard on the business data integration capabilities.

Companies need special path data, the high German navigation Enterprise Edition satisfied

Enterprise business particularity, navigation data and can not meet their needs. They may take the mountain road, through a remote trail, etc., these data can not be in the general navigation products to achieve.

The Enterprise Edition of High German navigation own path in the enterprise data integration is the most authoritative technical support, Main products: car dvd player and car dvd , are with good quality. be able to support enterprise-specific road network data involved in the navigation process, so that the needs of enterprise navigation truly seamless meet. (2) real-time traffic data with enterprise business data integration

With the continuous increase in road vehicles, real-time traffic service is not only an essential reference for car travel to the public, enterprise applications, is particularly urgent. Logistics, emergency response, banknote escort industry users with a certain number of vehicles in order to improve the scheduling efficiency of their vehicles to improve the quality of service real-time traffic information, navigation equipment, as far as possible to plan the most open, most convenient, the safest path.

The high German navigation Enterprise Edition a good market feedback in this regard. Real-time traffic services can be deployed directly to the engine room of the enterprise customers, through a data synchronization mechanism for all the city’s real-time traffic data stream synchronized to the user, allowing the user can operate independently of real-time traffic services, which greatly expand the application of real-time traffic information areas.

More importantly, the enterprise according to its own dynamic data (such as the ordinary course of business shall be by road circuit and rescue, traffic control, road construction, etc.) through the background, change the navigation rules of the road, choose to avoid regional planning and reasonable path, and path information sent to the terminal, so that the business chain is truly safe and efficient.